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All Natural Mudslide Mix

Our Mudslide Mix with a drizzle of chocolate syrup and whipped topping! 

Discounts and Fundraising

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3 for $12, ($5 items),

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3 Slush for $15 (slush, soup or beer bread)

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Try Them All (7, $5 items + 3 slush, soup or beer bread for $38)

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PA Zombie's Baseball Team Code: Zombie

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Irwin Rainbow Assembly Code: Irwin42

Betsy Dance Center Code: BDC

Dessert Mixes

Dessert Mixes

Cooking with our Mixes

Fresh Grilled Shrimp with Southwest Jalepeno as a dipping sauce!

Artisan Mixes Locally

Visit us at local craft shows in the Pittsburgh, PA area to taste our mixes