No Bake Cheesecake / Fruit Dips / Sweet Cheeseball

Our Dessert No Bake Cheesecakes will fill a 9 inch pie pan. You can add cool whip and fresh fruit on too,  a can of cherries or strawberries, chocolate sliversnuts or whatever you think of on top.  You can even layer 2 flavors! 

Use as a mousse, icing or fruit dip. You can dip with fruits,  pretzels,  teddy grahams,  Graham cracker sticks,  mini vanilla wafers,  mini cookies such as Oreo, chips ahoy,  wafer cookies, etc. 

These are fantastic as a Sweet Cheeseball and roll in nuts,  candy pieces,  chopped chocolate or Whit chocolate,  Jimmie's,  Graham cracker crumbs,  toasted coconut. You would just mix with 2 blocks of cream cheese for the cheeseball or bagel spread!

Use as Fruit Dip, Bagel Spread, Icing or Mousse.

These freeze excellent! Try freezing in single serve containers (I use dressing containers) and freeze for when you want a little snack or for lunches.  They go great with the single serve mini cookies! My favorite is white chocolate raspberry or confetti cake with chocolate teddy grahams!

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